Pontine Marshes

Pontine Marshes
an area in W Italy, SE of Rome: formerly marshy, now drained.

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Italian  Agro Pontino,  

      reclaimed area in Latina provincia, Lazio (Latium) regione, south-central Italy, extending between the Alban Hills, the Lepini Mountains, and the Tyrrhenian Sea, and traversed by the Appian Way. Two tribes, the Pomptini and the Ufentini, lived in this district in early Roman times, but the region was already marshy and malarial during the later years of the Roman Republic. Several emperors and popes made unsuccessful attempts at reclamation, but throughout modern history the marshes remained unhealthy, inhabited by a handful of shepherds, with small fields on the higher eastern edge where peasants from towns high on the Lepini Mountains cultivated wheat. Rough pasture and maquis (a tough scrub) covered most of the area.

      In 1928 the Fascist government launched a drive to drain the marshes, clear the vegetation, and settle several hundred families. Towns were built in the former wilderness: Littoria (now Latina) in 1932, Sabaudia in 1934, Pontinis in 1935, Aprilia in 1937, and Pomezia in 1939. On the eve of World War II the only areas in which the original vegetation remained were in the Monte Circeo National Park. Damage done to the farms and drainage works and canals during World War II was later repaired, and the Agro Pontino (area about 300 square miles [777 square km]) is now one of the most productive in Italy, yielding cereals, sugar beets, fruit, vegetables, and livestock. Light industry was established in the area from 1960 onward with subsidies from a regional development program, the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno (“Fund for the South”).

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