/pol'ee hee"dreuhn/, n., pl. polyhedrons, polyhedra /-dreuh/.
a solid figure having many faces. See illus. under dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron, pentahedron, tetrahedron.
[1560-70; < Gk polýedron, neut. of polýedros having many bases. See POLY-, -HEDRON]

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In Euclidean geometry, a three-dimensional object composed of a finite number of polygonal surfaces (faces).

Technically, a polyhedron is the boundary between the interior and exterior of a solid. In general, polyhedrons are named according to number of faces. A tetrahedron has four faces, a pentahedron five, and so on; a cube is a six-sided regular polyhedron (hexahedron) whose faces are squares. The faces meet at line segments called edges, which meet at points called vertices. See also Platonic solid; Euler's formula.

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