poetically, adv.
/poh et"ik/, adj. Also, poetical.
1. possessing the qualities or charm of poetry: poetic descriptions of nature.
2. of or pertaining to a poet or poets.
3. characteristic of or befitting a poet: poetic feeling; poetic insight.
4. endowed with the faculty or feeling of a poet: a poetic eulogist.
5. having or showing the sensibility of a poet: a poetic lover.
6. of or pertaining to poetry: poetic literature.
7. of the nature of or resembling poetry: a poetic composition; poetic drama; poetic imagination.
8. celebrated in poetry, as a place.
9. providing a subject for poetry.
10. of or pertaining to literature in verse form.
11. poetics.
[1520-30; < L poeticus < Gk poietikós. See POET, -IC]

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