/poh"ching/, n.
1. the illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game without the landowner's permission.
2. any encroachment on another's property, rights, ideas, or the like.
[1605-15; POACH1 + -ING1]

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      in law, the shooting (hunting), trapping, or taking of game or fish from private property or from a place where such practices are specially reserved or forbidden.

      Until the 20th century most poaching was subsistence poaching—i.e., the taking of game or fish by impoverished peasants to augment a scanty diet. In medieval Europe feudal landowners from the king downward stringently enforced their exclusive rights to hunt and fish on the lands they owned, and poaching was a serious crime punishable by imprisonment. Large stretches of forested countryside were subject to special laws to preserve the deer, wild boars, and other beasts of the chase who provided the nobles and royalty with sport. With the destruction of forests over the centuries and the taking of communal or royally owned lands into private use, laws were passed in the 17th and 18th centuries restricting hunting and shooting rights on private property to the landowner and his sons, and the practice of hiring gamekeepers to protect the wildlife on privately held land became common. Given these obstacles, subsistence poaching necessarily became a more specialized activity; during the 18th and 19th centuries gangs of organized poachers often engaged in fierce battles against gamekeepers, and mantraps and spring guns were hidden in the underbrush to catch intruders.

      Poaching is now usually done for sport or commercial profit, but it can be a serious threat to many species of wild animals, particularly those protected in wildlife preserves or national parks. Many animal species have been limited in range or depleted in numbers, sometimes to the point of extinction, by the depredations of market hunters and unregulated sportsmen. In Africa the difficulty of enforcing game codes has led to the critical depletion of the rhinoceros, which is hunted for its horn. The Bengal tiger of India and the gorilla of central Africa have similarly been threatened with extinction by hunters operating illegally. River poaching has also been a problem in some countries, causing the depletion of stocks of fish in many areas. Game management and other conservation programs throughout the world have been instituted to counteract the effects of poaching and other threats to wildlife, reinforced by the patrolling of game wardens to restrain poaching for commercial profit.

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