plumply, adv.plumpness, n.
/plump/, adj., plumper, plumpest, v. adj.
1. well filled out or rounded in form; somewhat fleshy or fat.
2. to become plump (often fol. by up or out).
3. to make plump (often fol. by up or out): to plump up the sofa pillows.
[1475-85; earlier plompe dull, rude < MD plomp blunt, not pointed; c. MLG plump]
Syn. 1. portly, round. See stout. 2, 3. fatten.
Ant. 1. thin.
/plump/, v.i.
1. to drop or fall heavily or suddenly; come down abruptly or with direct impact.
2. Chiefly Brit. to vote exclusively for one candidate in an election, instead of distributing or splitting one's votes among a number.
3. to drop or throw heavily or suddenly (often fol. by down): He plumped himself down and fell asleep.
4. to utter or say bluntly (often fol. by out): She plumps out the truth at the oddest times.
5. to praise or extol: road signs plumping the delights of a new candy bar.
6. plump for, to support enthusiastically; be wholeheartedly in favor of: to plump for a team.
7. a heavy or sudden fall.
8. the sound resulting from such a fall.
9. with a heavy or sudden fall or drop.
10. directly or bluntly, as in speaking.
11. in a vertical direction; straight down.
12. with sudden encounter.
13. with direct impact.
14. direct; downright; blunt.
[1300-50; ME plumpen (v.), c. D plompen; prob. imit.]
/plump/, n. Chiefly Brit. Dial.
1. a group or cluster.
2. a flock: a plump of ducks.
[1375-1425; late ME plumpe < ?]

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