pluggable, adj.pluggingly, adv.plugless, adj.pluglike, adj.
/plug/, n., v., plugged, plugging.
1. a piece of wood or other material used to stop up a hole or aperture, to fill a gap, or to act as a wedge.
2. a core or interior segment taken from a larger matrix.
3. Elect. a device to which may be attached the conductors of a cord and which by insertion in a jack, or screwing into a receptacle, establishes contact.
4. See spark plug (def. 1).
5. a fireplug or hydrant.
6. a cake of pressed tobacco.
7. a piece of tobacco cut off for chewing.
8. Informal. the favorable mention of something, as in a lecture, radio show, etc.; advertisement; recommendation: The actress was happy to give her new show a plug.
9. Angling. an artificial lure made of wood, plastic, or metal, and fitted with one or more gang hooks, used chiefly in casting.
10. Geol. neck (def. 14).
11. Slang. a worn-out or inferior horse.
12. Informal. a shopworn or unsalable article.
13. a small piece of sod used esp. for seeding a lawn.
14. a patch of scalp with viable hair follicles that is used as a graft for a bald part of the head. Cf. hair transplant.
15. Slang. punch1 (def. 1).
16. Metalworking.
a. a mandrel on which tubes are formed.
b. a punch on which a cup is drawn.
c. a protrusion on a forging die for forming a recess in the work.
d. a false bottom on a die.
17. Also called dook. a small piece of wood inserted into masonry as a hold for a nail.
18. Masonry. See under plug and feathers.
19. Also called plug hat. a man's tall silk hat.
20. pull the plug on, Informal.
a. to discontinue or terminate: The government has threatened to pull the plug on further subsidies.
b. to disconnect life-sustaining equipment from (a moribund patient).
21. to stop or fill with or as if with a plug (often fol. by up): to plug up a leak; plug a gap.
22. to insert or drive a plug into.
23. to secure with or as if with a plug.
24. to insert (something) as a plug.
25. to remove a core or a small plug-shaped piece from.
26. to remove the center of (a coin) and replace it with a baser metal: a plugged nickel.
27. Informal. to mention (something) favorably, as in a lecture, radio show, etc.: He says he will appear if he can plug his new TV series.
28. Slang. to punch with the fist.
29. Slang. to shoot or strike with a bullet.
30. to work with stubborn persistence (often fol. by along or away): You're doing a fine job - just keep plugging. Some writers will plug away at the same novel for several years.
31. Informal. to publicize insistently: Whenever he gets the chance, he's plugging for his company.
32. Slang. to shoot or fire shots.
33. plug in,
a. to connect to an electrical power source: Plug the TV set in over there.
b. Informal. to add or include; incorporate: They still have to plug in more research data.
34. plug into,
a. to connect or become connected by or as if by means of a plug: The device will plug into any convenient wall outlet. The proposed new departments would eventually plug into the overall organizational plan.
b. Informal. to feel an affinity for; like; understand: Some kids just don't plug into sports in school.
35. plug up, to become plugged: The drain in the sink plugs up every so often.
[1620-30; < D; c. G Pflock]

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