/plays/, n., pl. plaice.
1. a European flatfish, Pleuronectes platessa, used for food.
2. any of various American flatfishes or flounders.
[1250-1300; ME, var. of plais < OF < LL platessa flatfish < Gk platýs FLAT1, broad]

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Commercially valuable European flatfish (Pleuronectes platessa).

At most 36 in. (90 cm) long, the plaice normally has both eyes on the right side of the head and four to seven bony bumps near its eyes. It is brown with red or orange spots. The American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides) is found in both Europe (where it is called the rough dab) and the U.S. It is reddish or brownish and grows to about 24 in. (60 cm) long.

Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)

Jacques Six

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 (Pleuronectes platessa), commercially valuable European flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae. The plaice, like others of its family, normally has both eyes on the right side of the head. It also has about four to seven bony bumps near its eyes. It reaches a maximum length of about 90 centimetres (36 inches) and is strikingly coloured, with red or orange spots on a brown background.

      Another North Atlantic member of the family Pleuronectidae is the American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides). It is found both in Europe, where it is called the rough dab, and in America. It is a reddish or brownish fish and grows to about 60 centimetres long.

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