pipeless, adj.pipelike, adj.
/puyp/, n., v., piped, piping.
1. a hollow cylinder of metal, wood, or other material, used for the conveyance of water, gas, steam, petroleum, etc.
2. a tube of wood, clay, hard rubber, or other material, with a small bowl at one end, used for smoking tobacco, opium, etc.
3. a quantity, as of tobacco, that fills the bowl of such a smoking utensil.
4. Music.
a. a tube used as, or to form an essential part of, a musical wind instrument.
b. a musical wind instrument consisting of a single tube of straw, reed, wood, or other material, as a flute, clarinet, or oboe.
c. one of the wooden or metal tubes from which the tones of an organ are produced.
d. a small end-blown flute played with one hand while the other beats a small drum.
5. Naut.
a. See boatswain's pipe.
b. the sound of a boatswain's pipe.
6. the call or utterance of a bird, frog, etc.
7. pipes, Informal. the human vocal cords or the voice, esp. as used in singing.
8. Usually, pipes.
a. Music. bagpipe.
b. a set of flutes, as a panpipe.
c. Informal. a tubular organ or passage of a human or animal body, esp. a respiratory passage: to complain of congested pipes.
9. any of various tubular or cylindrical objects, parts, or formations, as an eruptive passage of a volcano or geyser.
10. Mining.
a. a cylindrical vein or body of ore.
b. (in South Africa) a vertical, cylindrical matrix, of intrusive igneous origin, in which diamonds are found.
11. Metall. a depression occurring at the center of the head of an ingot as a result of the tendency of solidification to begin at the bottom and sides of the ingot mold.
12. Bot. the stem of a plant.
13. to play on a pipe.
14. Naut. to signal, as with a boatswain's pipe.
15. to speak in a high-pitched or piercing tone.
16. to make or utter a shrill sound like that of a pipe: songbirds piping at dawn.
17. to convey by or as by pipes: to pipe water from the lake.
18. to supply with pipes.
19. to play (music) on a pipe or pipes.
20. to summon, order, etc., by sounding the boatswain's pipe or whistle: all hands were piped on deck.
21. to bring, lead, etc., by or as by playing on a pipe: to pipe dancers.
22. to utter in a shrill tone: to pipe a command.
23. to trim or finish with piping, as an article of clothing.
24. Cookery. to force (dough, frosting, etc.) through a pastry tube onto a baking sheet, cake or pie, etc.
25. Informal. to convey by an electrical wire or cable: to pipe a signal from the antenna.
26. Slang. to look at; notice: Pipe the cat in the hat.
27. pipe down, Slang. to stop talking; be quiet: He shouted at us to pipe down.
28. pipe up,
a. to begin to play (a musical instrument) or to sing.
b. to make oneself heard; speak up, esp. as to assert oneself.
c. to increase in velocity, as the wind.
[bef. 1000; (n.) ME, OE pipe musical pipe, tube (c. D pijp, LG pipe, G Pfeife, ON pipa) < VL *pipa, deriv. of L pipare to chirp, play a pipe; (v.) ME pipen; in part continuing OE pipian to play a pipe < L pipare; in part < OF piper to make a shrill sound < L pipare (cf. PEEP2)]
Syn. 16. cheep, chitter, whistle, chirp, peep, trill, twitter, tweet.
/puyp/, n.
1. a large cask, of varying capacity, esp. for wine or oil.
2. such a cask as a measure of liquid capacity, equal to 4 barrels, 2 hogsheads, or half a tun, and containing 126 wine gallons.
3. such a cask with its contents.
[1350-1400; ME < MF, ult. same as PIPE1]

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(as used in expressions)
Dutchman's pipe

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      in music, specifically, the three-holed flute played with a tabor drum (see pipe and tabor); generically, any aerophonic (wind) instruments consisting of pipes, either flutes or reed pipes (as a clarinet), and also the reed and flue pipes of organs. A pipe's pitch depends on its length, a long pipe having a low pitch. Pipes stopped at one end sound an octave lower than open pipes of equal length. Additional notes are obtained by using fingerholes to alter the length of the air column enclosed by the pipe or by vigorously overblowing, forcing the air column to vibrate in segments and sound overtones (harmonics) of the fundamental pitch.

      In reed pipes and organ reed pipes a vibrating reed causes the column of air in the pipe to vibrate. In flutes and organ flue pipes a stream of air passing a sharp edge sets up vibrations in the pipe's air column. In Scotland pipe is a common term for bagpipe. See also flute; fipple flute; reed instrument.

also called  Tobacco Pipe,  

      hollow bowl used for smoking tobacco; it is equipped with a hollow stem through which smoke is drawn into the mouth. The bowl can be made of such materials as clay, corncob, meerschaum (sepiolite) (a mineral composed of magnesia, silica, and water), and most importantly, briar-wood, the root of a species of heather.

      The smoking of tobacco through a pipe is indigenous to the Americas and derives from the religious ceremonies of ancient priests in Mexico. Farther north, American Indians developed ceremonial pipes, the chief of these being the calumet (Sacred Pipe), or pipe of peace. Such pipes had marble or red steatite (or pipestone) bowls and ash stems about 30 to 40 inches (75–100 cm) long and were decorated with hair and feathers. The practice of pipe smoking reached Europe through sailors who had encountered it in the New World.

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