/fuy"tawl, -tol/, n. Biochem.
a hydrophobic alcohol, C20H40O, that occurs esterified as a side chain in the chlorophyll molecule.
[ < G (1907); see PHYTO-, -OL]

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      an organic compound used in the manufacture of synthetic vitamins E and K1. Phytol was first obtained by hydrolysis (decomposition by water) of chlorophyll in 1909 by the German chemist Richard Wilstätter. Its structure was determined in 1928 by the German chemist F.G. Fischer. Phytol may be obtained in the process of separating chlorophyll from alfalfa.

      Conversion of phytol to α-tocopherol (vitamin E), the most potent of the E vitamins essential for reproduction in rats, was reported from three laboratories in 1938 and has been applied in commercial manufacture. A synthesis of vitamin K1 from phytol was developed in 1939.

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