/fil'euhk sear"euh, fi lok"seuhr euh/, n., pl. phylloxerae /fil'euhk sear"ee, fi lok"seuh ree'/, phylloxeras.
any of several plant lice of the genus Phylloxera, esp. P. vitifoliae (grape phylloxera), which attacks the leaves and roots of grapevines.
[1865-70; < NL (1834) < Gk phyllo- PHYLLO- + xerá, fem. of xerós dry; so named in reference to the dessication of leaves caused by some species]

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Any of numerous, chiefly North American, insect species (genus Phylloxera, order Homoptera), many of which are serious pests of plants.

Phylloxera form galls on and can defoliate trees, especially hickory and pecan. See also grape phylloxera.

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