/foh"teuh gram'/, n.
a silhouette photograph made by placing an object directly on sensitized paper and exposing it to light.
[1855-60; PHOTO- + -GRAM1]

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▪ photographic print
      shadowlike photographic image made on paper without the use of a negative or a camera. It is made by placing objects between light-sensitive paper or film and a light source. Opaque objects lying directly on the paper produce a solid silhouette; transparent images or images that do not come in direct contact with the paper produce amorphous, mysterious images.

      The artistic potential of the photogram was extensively exploited during the 1920s. The Swiss photographer Christian Schad, the Hungarian-born painter-photographer László Moholy-Nagy (Moholy-Nagy, László), and the American expatriate Surrealist Man Ray were the medium's chief proponents. Man Ray, who called his photograms rayographs, applied the contact-exposure technique to motion-picture making as well.

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