flood·plain also flood plain (flŭdʹplān') n.
A plain bordering a river and subject to flooding.

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also called  Alluvial Plain,  

      flat land area adjacent to a stream, composed of unconsolidated sedimentary deposits (alluvium) and subject to periodic inundation by the stream. Floodplains are produced by lateral movement of a stream and by overbank deposition; therefore they are absent where downcutting is dominant. Any erosional widening of one bank is approximately equalled by deposition on the opposite side of the channel in the form of bar development along the inside of meander bends. Thus, the simplest floodplain is made up of a strip of sinuous scrolls immediately adjacent to the stream.

      As meander curves enlarge, the alluvium is constantly reworked and the floodplain widened. The minimum width for a completely developed floodplain is equal to meander amplitude, but some floodplains are developed on deep and wide valley fills and are many times wider than the meander belt. The floodplain of the Mississippi River below its confluence with the Ohio has an occasional width of 80 miles (130 kilometres), with a total area estimated as 50,000 square miles (130,000 square kilometres).

      During inundation, silt drops from the retreating floodwater and, trapped by vegetation, tends to build up and level the floodplain surface. Buildup is greatest near the stream, forming natural levees in areas of stable banks. Floodplain deposits may show vertical size-graded stratification (sorting), tending to be coarser near the stream. The floodplain is an integral part of the stream system and is affected by the adjustments that the system makes to its sediment load and variable flow.

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