periosteal, periosteous, adj.periosteally, adv.
/per'ee os"tee euhm/, n., pl. periostea /-tee euh/. Anat.
the normal investment of bone, consisting of a dense, fibrous outer layer, to which muscles attach, and a more delicate, inner layer capable of forming bone.
[1590-1600; < NL, var. of LL periosteon, n. use of neut. of Gk periósteos around the bones. See PERI-, OSTEO-]

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Dense membrane over bones.

The outer layer contains nerve fibres and many blood vessels, which supply cells in the bone. The bone-producing cells of the inner layer are most prominent in fetal life and early childhood, when bone formation is at its peak. In adulthood they are less active but vital to continuous bone remodeling. When bone is injured, they multiply profusely to produce new bone.

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      dense fibrous membrane covering the surfaces of bones (bone), consisting of an outer fibrous layer and an inner cellular layer (cambium). The outer layer is composed mostly of collagen and contains nerve fibres that cause pain when the tissue is damaged. It also contains many blood vessels, branches of which penetrate the bone to supply the osteocytes (osteocyte), or bone cells. These perpendicular branches pass into the bone along channels known as Volkmann canals to the vessels in the haversian canals, which run the length of the bone. Fibres from the inner layer also penetrate the underlying bone, serving with the blood vessels to bind the periosteum to the bone as Sharpey fibres.

      The inner layer of the periosteum contains osteoblasts (osteoblast) (bone-producing cells) and is most prominent in fetal life and early childhood, when bone formation is at its peak. In adulthood these cells are less evident, but they retain their functional capacities and are vital to the constant remodeling of bone that goes on throughout life. In the event of bone injury, they proliferate greatly to produce new bone in the repair process. Following an injury such as a fracture, the periosteal vessels bleed around the traumatized area, and a clot forms around the fragments of bone. Within two days the osteoblasts multiply, and the cambium expands to become many cell layers thick. The cells then begin to differentiate and lay down new bone between the ends of the fracture.

      The periosteum covers all surfaces of the bone except for those capped with cartilage, as in the joints (joint), and sites for attachment of ligaments (ligament) and tendons (tendon). Fibrous cartilage often takes the place of the periosteum along grooves where tendons exert pressure against the bone. The periosteum on the inner surface of the skull is also modified to some extent as it joins the dura mater, the membrane protecting the brain.

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