/per'ee oh don tuy"tis/, n. Dentistry.
inflammation of the periodontium caused by bacteria that infect the roots of teeth and the surrounding gum crevices, producing bleeding, pus formation, and gradual loss of bone and the tissues that support the teeth. Cf. pyorrhea (def. 2).
[1870-75; PERIODONT(IUM) + -ITIS]

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Inflammation of soft tissues around the teeth (see tooth).

Poor dental hygiene leads to deposition of bacterial plaque on the teeth below the gum line, irritating and eroding nearby tissues. If it is not treated, the gum margin recedes, exposing the roots of the teeth. The process eventually involves the bone anchoring the teeth, which loosen and may fall out. Removal of all plaque deposits and affected soft tissues can arrest but not reverse bone deterioration.

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      inflammation of the soft tissues around the teeth, characterized by swollen, tender gums, that may lead to the eventual loss of teeth. Periodontitis begins with the deposition of bacterial plaque on the teeth below the gum line, irritating and eroding the neighbouring tissues. At this state, the condition is reversible, but left untreated the inflamed margin of the gum begins to recede, exposing the roots of the teeth; eventually the alveolar bone that anchors the teeth becomes involved, loosening the teeth to the point where they may fall out. Removal of all plaque deposits and affected soft tissues can arrest but not reverse alveolar deterioration. However, placement of modified bone chips into existing defects may, in favourable conditions, stimulate growth of new bone.

      Although the precipitating cause of periodontitis is poor dental hygiene leading to plaque deposition, an inherent susceptibility to osteoporosis and degeneration of connective tissues may also play a role in the more severe consequences of the disease. Familial juvenile periodontitis, an inherited condition resulting in tooth loss in early adulthood, is an extreme manifestation of this systemic susceptibility.

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