peridental membrane

peridental membrane

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  • peridental membrane — Dentistry. See periodontal membrane …   Useful english dictionary

  • peridental membrane — periodontal ligament …   Medical dictionary

  • membrane — 1. A thin sheet or layer of pliable tissue, serving as a covering or envelope of a part, as the lining of a cavity, as a partition or septum, or to connect two structures. SYN: membrana [TA]. 2. SYN: biomembrane. [L. membrana, a skin or m …   Medical dictionary

  • periodontium — The connective tissue that surrounds the tooth root and attaches it to its bony socket; it consists of fibers anchored in the cementum and extending into the alveolar bone; the tissues that surround and support the teeth, including the gingivae,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ligament — A ligament is a tough band of connective tissue that connects various structures such as two bones. Ligament is a fitting term; it comes from the Latin ligare meaning to bind or tie. * * * 1. A band or sheet of fibrous tissue connecting two or… …   Medical dictionary

  • periodontal ligament — n PERIODONTAL MEMBRANE * * * see periodontal membrane * * * the fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the root of a tooth, separating it from and attaching it to the alveolar bone. It extends from the base of the gingival mucosa to the fundus… …   Medical dictionary

  • periodontal — /per ee euh don tl/, adj. Dentistry. 1. of or pertaining to the periodontium. 2. of or pertaining to periodontics. 3. of or pertaining to the periodontal membrane. Also, peridental. [1850 55; PERI + ODONT + AL1] * * * …   Universalium

  • per|i|o|don|tal — «PEHR ee uh DON tuhl», adjective. 1. encasing or surrounding a tooth; peridental: »a periodontal membrane. 2. having to do with or affecting the tissue surrounding a tooth or the teeth: »periodontal disease. 3. of or having to do with… …   Useful english dictionary

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