perenniality, n.perennially, adv.
/peuh ren"ee euhl/, adj.
1. lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring: her perennial beauty.
2. (of plants) having a life cycle lasting more than two years.
3. lasting or continuing throughout the entire year, as a stream.
4. perpetual; everlasting; continuing; recurrent.
5. a perennial plant: Daffodils and tulips are perennials.
6. something that is continuing or recurrent.
[1635-45; < L perenni(s) lasting the whole year through (per- PER- + -enn-, comb. form of annus year + -is adj. suffix) + -AL1]
Syn. 1. perdurable; constant, incessant, continual. 4. imperishable, undying, eternal, immortal.

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Any plant that persists for several years, usually with new herbaceous growth from a part that survives from season to season.

Trees and shrubs are perennial, as are some herbaceous flowers and vegetative ground covers. Perennials have only a limited flowering period, but with maintenance throughout the growing season, they provide a leafy presence and shape to the garden landscape. Popular flowering perennials include bellflowers, chrysanthemums, columbines, lockspurs, hollyhocks, phlox, pinks, poppies, and primroses. See also annual, biennial.

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