pastural, adj.pastureless, adj.pasturer, n.
/pas"cheuhr, pahs"-/, n., v., pastured, pasturing.
1. Also called pastureland /pas"cheuhr land', pahs"-/. an area covered with grass or other plants used or suitable for the grazing of livestock; grassland.
2. a specific area or piece of such ground.
3. grass or other plants for feeding livestock.
4. put out to pasture,
a. to put in a pasture to graze.
b. to dismiss, retire, or use sparingly as being past one's or its prime: Most of our older employees don't want to be put out to pasture.
5. to feed (livestock) by putting them out to graze on pasture.
6. (of land) to furnish with pasture.
7. (of livestock) to graze upon.
8. (of livestock) to graze in a pasture.
[1250-1300; ME < MF < LL pastura, equiv. to L past(us), ptp. of pascere to feed, pasture (cf. PASTOR) + -ura -URE]

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