parentless, adj.parentlike, adj.
/pair"euhnt, par"-/, n.
1. a father or a mother.
2. an ancestor, precursor, or progenitor.
3. a source, origin, or cause.
4. a protector or guardian.
5. Biol. any organism that produces or generates another.
6. Physics. the first nuclide in a radioactive series.
7. being the original source: a parent organization.
8. Biol. pertaining to an organism, cell, or complex molecular structure that generates or produces another: parent cell; parent DNA.
9. to be or act as parent of: to parent children with both love and discipline.
[1375-1425; late ME ( < MF) < L parent- (s. of parens), n. use of prp. of parere to bring forth, breed]

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      one who has begotten offspring, or one who occupies the role of mother or father. In Western societies, parenthood, with its several obligations, rests strongly on biological relatedness. This is not the case in all societies: in some, a distinction is made between a biological parent and social parent, with the former producing the child and latter raising the child and acting as a mother or father in as affective or legal a sense as biological parents are expected to do in Western society. This distinction is particularly common in the case of fathers, and to accommodate it anthropologists have developed separate kinship terms: a “genitor” is a biological father, and a “pater” is a social one.

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