painstakingly, adv.painstakingness, n.
/paynz"tay'king, payn"stay'-/, adj.
1. taking or characterized by taking pains or trouble; expending or showing diligent care and effort; careful: a painstaking craftsman; painstaking research.
2. careful and diligent effort.
[1550-60; PAIN + -S3 + TAKING]
Syn. 1. thorough, scrupulous. PAINSTAKING, CAREFUL, METICULOUS, CONSCIENTIOUS all describe persons or behavior demonstrating attention to detail and effective task performance. PAINSTAKING stresses diligent and assiduous attention to detail in achieving a desired objective: a painstaking technician; the painstaking editing of a manuscript. CAREFUL, the most general in sense of these words, implies serious intent to perform well and accurately whatever task one has in hand: a careful housepainter; a careful study of the social structure of gangs.
METICULOUS suggests extreme attention to details, especially the most minute, coupled with an almost obsessive desire to avoid error: a meticulous silversmith, every detail finished to perfection; fussily meticulous about matching shoes and clothing. CONSCIENTIOUS stresses scrupulous effort to obey one's sense of moral obligation to perform tasks well: a conscientious public defender; a conscientious description of the robbery.

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