adv. /oh"veuhr nuyt"/; adj., n. /oh"veuhr nuyt'/; v. /oh'veuhr nuyt"/, adv.
1. for or during the night: to stay overnight.
2. on or during the previous evening: Preparations were made overnight.
3. very quickly; suddenly: New suburbs sprang up overnight.
4. done, made, occurring, or continuing during the night: an overnight stop; an overnight decision.
5. staying for one night: a group of overnight guests.
6. designed to be used on a trip or for a journey lasting one night or only a few nights.
7. intended for delivery on the next day: overnight letters; an overnight package.
8. valid for one night: The corporal got an overnight pass.
9. occurring suddenly or within a very short time: a comedian who became an overnight sensation.
10. Informal. an overnight stay or trip: Our daughter had an overnight at a friend's house.
11. Informal. a permit for overnight absence, as from a college dormitory: She had an overnight the night of the prom.
12. the previous evening.
13. to have an overnight stay or trip: We'll overnight in Denver, then fly on to San Diego.
[1325-75; ME; see OVER-, NIGHT]

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