optic nerve

optic nerve
either one of the second pair of cranial nerves, consisting of sensory fibers that conduct impulses from the retina to the brain. See illus. under eye.

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  second cranial nerve, which carries sensory nerve impulses from the more than one million ganglion cells of the retina toward the visual centres in the brain. The vast majority of optic nerve fibres convey information regarding central vision.

      The optic nerve begins at the optic disk, a structure that is 1.5 mm (0.06 inch) in diameter and is located at the back of the eye (eye, human). The optic disk forms from the convergence of ganglion cell output fibres (called axons) as they pass out of the eye. When the nerve emerges from the back of the eye, it passes through the remainder of the posterior orbit (eye socket) and through the bony optic canal to emerge intracranially on the underside of the front of the brain. At this point the optic nerve from each eye comes together and forms an X-shaped structure called the optic chiasm. Here, approximately one-half of the nerve fibres from each eye continue on the same side of the brain, and the remaining nerve fibres cross over at the chiasm to join fibres from the opposite eye on the other side of the brain. This arrangement is essential for producing binocular vision. Posterior to the optic chiasm, the nerve fibres travel in optic tracts to various portions of the brain—predominantly the lateral geniculate nuclei. Fibres from the lateral geniculate nuclei form the optic radiations that course toward the visual cortex located in the occipital lobes in the back of the brain. Some nerve fibres leave the optic tract without entering the lateral geniculate nuclei and instead enter the brain stem (brainstem) to provide information that ultimately determines pupil size.

      The retina, optic disk, optic nerve, optic chiasm, optic tracts, optic radiations, and visual centres of the brain are topographically organized to correspond to particular areas of the visual field. Therefore, damage to, or pressure on, particular portions of these structures can produce characteristic deficits in a person's visual field (see visual field defect). The affected person may or may not notice these visual field defects.

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