/oh nuy"reuh man'see/, n.
divination through dreams.
[1645-55; < Gk óneiro(s) dream + -MANCY]

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▪ occult practice
      prophetic divination from dreams, considered a divine act in most ancient cultures and surviving to modern times in certain folk traditions. Oneiromancy is based on the belief that dreams are messages sent to the soul by gods or the dead, most often as warnings. In the highly developed oneiromancy of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylonia, the class of diviners or seers responsible for dream interpretation often had great political and social influence. The best-known instance of oneiromancy preserved in ancient literature is the biblical account of Pharaoh's dream of seven fat and seven lean cows, explained by Joseph as foretelling years of plenty to be followed by years of famine.

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