/nut"krak'euhr/, n.
1. an instrument or device for cracking the shells of nuts.
2. any of several corvine birds of the genus Nucifraga that feed on nuts, as the common nutcracker, N. caryocatactes, of Europe and Clark's nutcracker, N. columbiana, of the western U.S.
[1540-50; NUT + CRACKER]

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 either of two sharp-billed, short-tailed birds belonging to the family Corvidae (order Passeriformes (passeriform)), found in coniferous forests (coniferous forest). The Eurasian nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) ranges from Scandinavia to Japan and has isolated populations in mountains farther south. It is 32 cm (12.5 inches) long and brownish, with white streaking and a white tail tip. Clark's nutcracker (N. columbiana) of western North America is pale gray, with a black tail and wings that show white patches in flight. Both species live chiefly on seeds and nuts (nut), which they often store underground for winter use. Clark's nutcracker hides several pine seeds in thousands of different caches and can recall these locations for eight or nine months. Researchers found that nutcrackers memorize these locations by making spatial references to large objects in their surroundings, such as boulders or trees; their phenomenal memory is facilitated by a specially enlarged hippocampus, the portion of the brain that forms memories.

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