/nerr"seuh ree/, n., pl. nurseries.
1. a room or place set apart for young children.
2. a nursery school or day nursery.
3. a place where young trees or other plants are raised for transplanting, for sale, or for experimental study.
4. any place in which something is bred, nourished, or fostered: The art institute has been the nursery of much great painting.
5. any situation, condition, circumstance, practice, etc., serving to breed or foster something: Slums are nurseries for young criminals.
[1350-1400; ME norcery. See NURSE, -ERY]

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Place where plants are grown for transplanting, for use as stocks for budding and grafting, or for sale.

Nurseries produce and distribute woody and herbaceous plants, including ornamental trees, shrubs, and bulb crops. While most nursery-grown plants are ornamental, the nursery business also includes fruit plants and certain perennial vegetables used in home gardens (e.g., asparagus, rhubarb). See also floriculture.

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