/nooh"deuh brangk', nyooh"-/, n.
a shell-less, marine snail of the suborder Nudibranchia, having external, often branched respiratory appendages on the back and sides.
[1835-45; < F nudibranche, equiv. to nudi- NUDI- + branche gill ( < L branchia BRANCHIA)]

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Any marine gastropod in the order Nudibranchia.

Most nudibranchs lack a shell, mantle cavity (see mollusk), and gills, and breathe through the body surface. The delicately colored body, up to 16 in. (43 cm) long, has bizarre defensive outgrowths, called cerata, that discharge nematocysts ingested from cnidarian prey. Antennalike organs arise from the head. Nudibranchs occur in shallow waters of all oceans, where they feed chiefly on other invertebrates, particularly sea anemones. Some species can swim; others are bottom creepers. The term sea slug sometimes refers to all members of the subclass Opisthobranchia.

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also called  sea slug 

      any of the marine gastropods that constitute the order Nudibranchia (subclass Opisthobranchia of the class Gastropoda). Nudibranchs possess a radular feeding organ, but they characteristically lack a shell, gills, and mantle cavity typical of other mollusks. The delicately coloured body has bizarre outgrowths, called cerata, which serve a defensive function, discharging nematocysts that the nudibranch has ingested from cnidarian prey. Cerata also function in gas exchange. Antenna-like organs (rhinophores) arise from the animal's head. Nudibranchs reach lengths of 43 cm (16 inches). About 40–50 percent of all opisthobranch species belong to this order.

      Nudibranchs occur in the shallow waters of all the world's oceans, where they feed chiefly on other invertebrates, particularly sea anemones. Those of the family Tethyidae can swim. Among bottom creepers in cold northern seas is the bushy-backed sea slug (Dendronotus frondosus), named for its stalked, lacy cerata. Occurring worldwide in warm seas are the blue sea slug (Glaucus marina, or G. atlanticus) and the doridacean nudibranchs such as Doris and Glossodoris. See gastropod.

      The term sea slug is sometimes used to refer to all members of the subclass Opisthobranchia (see opisthobranch).

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