/nooh"klee euh suyd', nyooh"-/, n. Biochem.
any of the class of compounds derived by the hydrolysis of nucleic acids or nucleotides, consisting typically of deoxyribose or ribose combined with adenine, guanine, cytosine, uracil, or thymine.
[1910-15; NUCLE(IC) + -OSE2 + -IDE]

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Any of a class of organic compounds, including structural subunits of nucleic acids.

Each consists of a molecule of a five-carbon sugar (ribose in RNA, deoxyribose in DNA) and a nitrogen-containing base, either a purine or a pyrimidine. The base uracil occurs in RNA, thymine in DNA, and adenine, guanine, and cytosine in both, as part of the nucleosides uridine, deoxythymidine, adenosine or deoxyadenosine, guanosine or deoxyguanosine, and cytidine or deoxycytidine. Nucleosides usually have a phosphate group attached, forming nucleotides. Usually obtained by decomposition of nucleic acids, nucleosides are important in physiological and medical research. Those that are not part of nucleic acids include puromycin and certain other antibiotics produced by fungi.

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      a structural subunit of nucleic acids, the heredity-controlling components of all living cells, consisting of a molecule of sugar linked to a nitrogen-containing organic ring compound. In the most important nucleosides, the sugar is either ribose or deoxyribose, and the nitrogen-containing compound is either a pyrimidine (cytosine, thymine, or uracil) or a purine (adenine or guanine).

      Nucleosides are usually obtained by chemical or enzymatic decomposition of nucleic acids. Details of the structures of several natural nucleosides determined in the period 1891–1911 include the identities of the sugars and the nitrogenous compounds, the size of the ring of atoms in the sugar molecules, and the point of attachment between the two components. Chemical syntheses of adenosine and guanosine were described in 1948; since that time there has been rapid progress in the synthesis of nucleosides and their combination into nucleic acids. Puromycin and certain other antibiotics are nucleosides produced by molds or fungi.

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