/noohd"l/, n.
a narrow strip of unleavened egg dough that has been rolled thin and dried, boiled, and served alone or in soups, casseroles, etc.; a ribbon-shaped pasta.
[1770-80; < G Nudel]
/noohd"l/, n.
1. Slang. the head.
2. a fool or simpleton.
[1745-55; perh. var. of NODDLE (with oo from FOOL)]
/noohd"l/, v., noodled, noodling.
1. to improvise a musical passage in a casual manner, esp. as a warm-up exercise.
2. Informal.
a. to play; toy: to noodle with numbers as a hobby.
b. to improvise, experiment, or think creatively: The writers noodled for a week and came up with a better idea for the ad campaign.
3. Informal.
a. to manipulate or tamper with: She denied that she had noodled the statistics to get a favorable result.
b. to make or devise freely as an exercise or experiment (sometimes fol. by up): The architects noodled up a model of a solar house.
4. noodle around, Informal. to play, experiment, or improvise.
[1935-40, Amer.; orig. uncert.]

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      a cooked egg-and-flour paste prominent in European and Oriental cuisine, generally distinguished from other pasta (q.v.) by its elongated, ribbonlike form. Noodles are commonly used to add body and flavour to broth soups. They are commonly boiled or sautéed and served with sauces and meats or baked in casseroles.

      Oriental noodles are made primarily from starch ingredients other than flour, although the recipes for some Oriental pan-fried and stir-fried dishes allow the substitution of wheat-flour noodles for the Chinese mein. Noodles made from rice flour or the starch of the mung bean are softened in water, then boiled and drained, in preparation for being fried or added to soups.

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