nolle prosequi

nolle prosequi
/nol"ee pros"i kwuy', -kwee'/, Law.
an entry made upon the records of a court when the plaintiff or prosecutor will proceed no further in a suit or action. Abbr.: nol. pros.
[1675-85; < L: be unwilling to pursue, do not prosecute]

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▪ Anglo-American law
Latinto be unwilling to pursue plural  nolle prosequis 

      in Anglo-American law, request by a prosecutor in a criminal action that the prosecution of the case cease, either on some or all of the counts or with respect to some or all of the defendants. It usually is used when there is insufficient evidence to ensure successful prosecution or when there has been a settlement between the parties out of court. The term also has been applied to the cessation of a civil suit.

      In English criminal law the power to enter a nolle prosequi is vested in the attorney general and is rarely used. In the United States the power is generally exercised at the discretion of the prosecuting officer, typically the district attorney, and is an important adjunct to the administration of criminal justice. Particularly in large cities, many more criminal prosecutions are initiated than are feasible to try. The nolle prosequi thus serves as a screening device that enables the district attorney to exercise a measure of control over the criminal docket. It is also used to effect an informal settlement, as where a thief agrees to make restitution to his victim. In some states the common-law (common law) rule that the entry of a nolle prosequi is within the sole discretion of the district attorney still exists; in others his discretion is subject to review by the court. When entered before trial, the nolle prosequi does not bar a subsequent prosecution on the basis of a new indictment or new information.

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