/nuy'troh ben"zeen, -ben zeen"/, n. Chem.
a pale yellow, toxic, water-soluble liquid, C6H5NO2, produced by nitrating benzene with nitric acid: used chiefly in the manufacture of aniline. Also called nitrobenzol /nuy'troh ben"zawl, -zol/.
[1865-70; NITRO- + BENZENE]

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      the simplest aromatic nitro compound, having the molecular formula C6H5NO2. It is used in the manufacture of aniline, benzidine, and other organic chemicals. Nitrobenzene is a colourless to pale yellow, oily, highly toxic liquid with the odour of bitter almonds.

      Nitrobenzene was first prepared in 1834 by the German chemist Eilhardt Mitscherlich (Mitscherlich, Eilhardt), who treated benzene with fuming nitric acid. Commercially, both batch and continuous processes employing mixed nitric and sulfuric acids are used to make nitrobenzene.

      Nitrobenzene undergoes nitration, halogenation, and sulfonation much more slowly than does benzene. It may be reduced to a variety of compounds, depending on the reaction conditions. Most nitrobenzene produced is reduced to aniline; smaller amounts are converted to azobenzene, hydrazobenzene (the intermediate for benzidine), and phenylhydroxylamine. Reduction of both the nitro group and the benzene ring affords cyclohexylamine. Nitrobenzene is used as a mild oxidizing agent in the syntheses of quinoline and fuchsin.

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