/ni poor"/, n.
an ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city in SE Iraq: partially excavated.

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Ancient Mesopotamian city southeast of Babylon.

Located in what is now southeastern Iraq, it was originally on the Euphrates River, whose course later changed. By 2500 BC it was the centre of worship of the Sumerian storm god Enlil (see Sumer). Parthian construction (see Parthia) later buried Enlil's sanctuary, and the city fell into decay in the 3rd century AD. It was abandoned in the 12th or 13th century. Excavations have revealed temples, a ziggurat, and thousands of clay tablets that are a primary source of information on ancient Sumerian civilization. Also uncovered were an Akkadian tomb (see Akkad) and a large temple devoted to the Mesopotamian goddess of healing.

Female figure, made of gypsum, with a gold mask that stood at a temple altar in Nippur, c. ...

By courtesy of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad; photograph, David Lees

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▪ ancient city, Iraq
modern  Niffer , or  Nuffar 
 ancient city of Mesopotamia, now in southeastern Iraq. It lies northeast of the town of Ad-Dīwānīyah. Although never a political capital, Nippur played a dominant role in the religious life of Mesopotamia.

      In Sumerian mythology Nippur was the home of Enlil, the storm god and representation of force and the god who carried out the decrees of the assembly of gods that met at Nippur. Enlil, according to one account, created man at Nippur. Although a king's armies might subjugate the country, the transference to that king of Enlil's divine power to rule had to be sought and sanctioned. The necessity of this confirmation made the city and Enlil's sanctuary there especially sacred, regardless of which dynasty ruled Mesopotamia.

      The first American archaeological expedition to Mesopotamia excavated at Nippur from 1889 to 1900; the work was resumed in 1948. The eastern section of the city has been called the scribal quarter because of the many thousands of Sumerian tablets found there; in fact, the excavations at Nippur have been the primary source of the literary writing of Sumer. Excavation in 1990 uncovered an Akkadian tomb and a large temple to Bau (Gula), the Mesopotamian goddess of healing.

      Little is known about the prehistoric town, but by 2500 BC the city probably reached the extent of the present ruins and was fortified. Later, Ur-Nammu (reigned 2112–2095 BC), first king of the 3rd dynasty of Ur, laid out Enlil's sanctuary, the E-kur, in its present form. A ziggurat and a temple were built in an open courtyard surrounded by walls.

      Parthian construction later buried Enlil's sanctuary and its enclosure walls, and in the 3rd century AD the city fell into decay. It was finally abandoned in the 12th or 13th century.

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