night blindness

night blindness
nightblind, adj.
a condition of the eyes in which vision is normal in daylight but abnormally poor at night or in a dim light; nyctalopia.

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also called  nyctalopia  

      failure of the eye to adapt promptly from light to darkness that is characterized by a reduced ability to see in dim light or at night. It occurs as a symptom of numerous congenital and inherited retinal diseases or as a result of vitamin A deficiency.

      Congenital night blindness with or without myopia (nearsightedness) occurs either as a dominant, recessive, or sex-linked hereditary trait and usually remains stable throughout life. Night blindness developing during childhood or adolescence may be an early sign of retinitis pigmentosa, a hereditary disorder in which continued deterioration of vision—primarily because of the destruction of rod cells (visual receptors that allow vision in dim light)—often leads to significant vision impairment. Vitamin A deficiency, which causes reduced photosensitivity of rhodopsin (a chromoprotein) in rod cells, causes night blindness that is usually not severe, and vision most often recovers when adequate levels of the vitamin are administered.

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