New World monkey

New World monkey
any of various arboreal anthropoid primates of the group or superfamily Platyrrhini, inhabiting forests from Mexico to Argentina and typically having a hairy face, widely separated nostrils, long arms, and a long, prehensile tail, and including the capuchin, douroucouli, howler monkey, marmoset, saki, spider monkey, squirrel monkey, titi, uakari, and woolly monkey.

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Any South American monkey (platyrrhine) species in either of two families: marmosets (Callitrichidae) or South American monkeys other than marmosets (Cebidae), including capuchins and spider monkeys.

Platyrrhines have a broad nose, with a wide septum separating the outwardly directed nostrils, and relatively unopposable thumbs. Most species have a long tail, which in a few species is prehensile. See also Old World monkey.

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