new penny

new penny
penny (def. 2).

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  • new penny — noun a coin used in Great Britain since 1971 worth one hundredth of a pound • Hypernyms: ↑penny, ↑cent, ↑centime * * * penny (def. 2). [1965 70] * * * new penny see under ↑penny • • • Main Entry: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • new penny — new′ pen′ny n. num penny 2) • Etymology: 1965–70 …   From formal English to slang

  • new penny — noun Following decimalisation, the name given to the coin worth one hundredth of a pound sterling; now known simply as the penny. Symbol: p Syn: penny …   Wiktionary

  • new penny — /nju ˈpɛni/ (say nyooh penee) noun → penny (def. 2b) …  

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  • penny — [pen′ē] n. pl. for 1 a & b, pence; for 1 c, 2 4, pennies [ME peny < OE penig, pening, akin to Ger pfennig: < ? early WGmc borrowing < L pannus, cloth: see PAWN1] 1. in the United Kingdom and certain other countries, a) a monetary unit… …   English World dictionary

  • Penny (United States coin) — Cent (Penny) United States Value 0.01 of a U.S. dollar Mass  2.5 g  (0.080 troy oz) Diameter  19.05 mm  (0.750 in) Thickness …   Wikipedia

  • Penny — A penny (pl. pence or pennies) is a coin or a unit of currency used in several English speaking countries.ValueIn the 8th century, Charlemagne declared that 240 pennies or pfennigs should be minted from a pound of silver. A Carolingian pound was… …   Wikipedia

  • Penny (British decimal coin) — For the pre decimal British one penny coin, see Penny (British pre decimal coin). For silver pennies produced after 1820, see Maundy money. One penny United Kingdom Value 1 penny sterling Mass  3.56 g Diameter  20.32 mm …   Wikipedia

  • Penny (Münze) — Derzeit in Umlauf befindliche Penny Münzen von 20 Penny bis 1 Penny. ½ Penny ist außer Kurs gesetzt. Der Penny (Mehrzahl bei Wertangaben: Pence) ist eine früher in vielen Ländern mit britischem Einfluss vorhandene Unter Währungseinheit.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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