/neg'li zhay", neg"li zhay'/, n.
1. a dressing gown or robe, usually of sheer fabric and having soft, flowing lines, worn by women.
2. easy, informal attire.
Also, negligée, negligé.
[1745-55, Amer.; < F négligé carelessness, undress, lit., neglected, ptp. of négliger < L negligere, var. of neglegere to NEGLECT]

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French“careless, neglected”
 informal gown, usually of a soft, sheer fabric, worn at home by women. When the corset was fashionable, the negligee was a loose-fitting gown worn during the rest period after lunch. Women's dresses were also referred to as negligés after the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, when the trend was toward loose fashions characterized by “studied negligence.”

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