necrotic /neuh krot"ik, ne-/, adj.
/neuh kroh"sis, ne-/, n.
death of a circumscribed portion of animal or plant tissue.
[1655-65; < NL < Gk nékrosis mortification, state of death. See NECR-, -OSIS]

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▪ tissue death
      death of a circumscribed area of plant or animal tissue as a result of an outside agent; natural death of tissue is called necrobiosis. Necrosis may follow a wide variety of injuries, both physical (cuts, burns, bruises) and biological (effects of disease-causing agents). The sign of necrosis—dead tissue—is called a lesion; (lesion) it is often of diagnostic value. Necrosis is brought about by intracellular enzymes that are activated upon injury and proceed to destroy damaged cells.

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