/neuh wob", -wawb"/, n.
1. Also, nabob. a viceroy or deputy governor under the former Mogul empire in India.
2. an honorary title conferred upon Muslims of distinction in India and Pakistan.
3. nabob (def. 3).
[1750-60; < Urdu nawwab < Ar nuwwab, pl. of na'ib deputy, viceroy]

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▪ Mughal viceroy

      deputy ruler, or viceroy, under the Mughal rule of India. The title was later adopted by the independent rulers of Bengal, Oudh, and Arcot.

      In England the name was applied to men who made fortunes working for the British East India Company and returned home to purchase seats in Parliament. Thus the word nabob came to mean someone of great wealth or unusual prominence.

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