musk turtle

musk turtle
any of several aquatic turtles of the genus Sternotherus, of North America, which, when disturbed, emit a musky secretion.
[1865-70, Amer.; so called from its musky smell]

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 (genus Sternotherus), any of four species of small freshwater turtles belonging to the family Kinosternidae. Musk turtles are named for the strong, musky odour they emit when disturbed. They are found in eastern North America, usually in slow-moving waters. Highly aquatic animals, they seldom emerge onto land. Similar to small snapping turtles in appearance and pugnacious temperament, musk turtles are characterized by a small lower shell and by small, fleshy barbels on the chin. Their upper shell is oval, dull in colour, and usually about 8–13 cm (3–5 inches) long.

      The stinkpot, or common musk turtle (S. odoratus), is the only member of the genus found in both the northeastern and southern United States. The diet of the musk turtle includes plants, mollusks, small fish, and insects. Mating occurs underwater, and females may lay up to nine eggs.

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