/mooh"sahf/, n. Hebrew.
the religious service celebrated by Jews in addition to and immediately after the morning service on the Sabbath and festivals.
[musaph lit., addition]

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also spelled  Musaph 

      (Hebrew: “additional sacrifice”), in Jewish liturgy, the “additional service” recited on the sabbath and on festivals in commemoration of the additional sacrifices that were formerly offered in the Temple of Jerusalem (Numbers 28, 29). The musaf, which usually follows the recital of the morning prayers (shaḥarit (shaharith)) and the reading of the Torah, is an added ʿamida (amidah) (a type of blessing, recited standing), first recited privately by each worshipper, then repeated aloud by the official reader. Elements of the musaf vary, depending on the festival that is being celebrated and on the rite that is followed by the congregation.

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