/myooh nis'euh pal"i tee/, n., pl. municipalities.
1. a city, town, or other district possessing corporate existence and usually its own local government.
2. a community under municipal jurisdiction.
3. the governing body of such a district or community.
[1780-90; < F municipalité. See MUNICIPAL, -ITY]

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      in the United States, urban unit of local government. A municipality is a political subdivision of a state within which a municipal corporation has been established to provide general local government for a specific population concentration in a defined area. A municipality may be designated as a city, borough, village, or town, except in the New England states, New York, and Wisconsin, where the name town signifies a subdivision of the county or state by area. The municipality is one of several basic types of local government, the others being counties, townships, school districts, and special districts.

      Municipal corporations are organized under the applicable state constitution and laws, with powers of government expressly or implicitly conferred by that constitution and laws, and also by charter. Within the municipality, these powers are exercised by a governing body elected by the people. A municipality is basically the response of the state government to the need for certain public services (i.e., waste disposal, police and fire protection, water supply, health services) in addition to what is available from the county or other local governments in the area.

      In many European countries the law provides for types of local government units to which the term municipality may be applied—as in France (commune), Italy (comune), the Low Countries (gemeente), and most of the Scandinavian countries. Several other European countries, notably Great Britain and Germany, have a diversified system of local government in which several different categories exist. In Great Britain the term municipality is in general used only for the large boroughs (municipal corporations).

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