/moh shahv"/, n., pl. moshavim /moh'shah veem"/.
a cooperative community in Israel made up of small farm units. Cf. kibbutz.
[1930-35; < Mod Heb moshav, Heb moshabh dwelling]

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(Hebrew: "settlement") Israeli cooperative community that combines privately farmed land and communal marketing, sometimes with light industry as well.

The land on a moshav belongs to the state or the Jewish National Fund. The first successful moshavim were organized in the 1920s. New immigrants were directed to these settlements in the early years of the State of Israel. See also kibbutz.

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▪ Israeli agriculture
(Hebrew: “settlement”),plural  Moshavim,  

      in Israel, a type of cooperative agricultural settlement. The moshav, which is generally based on the principle of private ownership of land, avoidance of hired labour, and communal marketing, represents an intermediate stage between privately owned settlements and the complete communal living of the kibbutz. Moshavim are built on land belonging to the Jewish National Fund or to the state. The commonest type, the moshav ʿovdim (“workers' settlement”), consists of privately farmed agricultural plots. In a newer variant, the moshav shitufi (“partnership settlement”), the land is farmed as a single large holding, but contrary to practice in the kibbutz, households are independently run by their members. In the moshav shitufi, light industry, as well as farming, is common; the older moshavim ʿovdim emphasize citriculture and mixed farming.

      Moshavim ʿovdim were first established before World War I but did not last; the first successful settlements of this type were Nahalal and Kefar Yeẖezqel, founded in 1921 in the Plain of Esdraelon. The first moshavim shitufiyyim were Kefar ittim (1936) and Bene Berit (Moledet; 1938), both in lower Galilee.

      In the period of large-scale immigration after the creation of Israel (1948), the moshav was found to be an ideal settlement form for the new immigrants, almost none of whom were accustomed to communal living. In the late 1970s some 136,500 persons lived in moshavim ʿovdim, and about 7,000 in moshavim shitufiyyim.

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