/mawr"geuhn/, n.
one of a breed of light carriage and saddle horses descended from the stallion Justin Morgan.
[1865-70; named after the original sire owned by Justin Morgan (1747-98), a New England teacher]
/mawr"geuhn/, n.
1. Charles Langbridge /lang"brij'/, 1894-1958, English novelist and critic.
2. Daniel, 1736-1802, American Revolutionary general.
3. Sir Henry, 1635?-88, Welsh buccaneer in the Americas.
4. John Hunt, 1826-64, Confederate general in the American Civil War.
5. J(ohn) P(ierpont) /pear"pont/, 1837-1913, U.S. financier and philanthropist.
6. his son John Pierpont, 1867-1943, U.S. financier.
7. Lewis Henry, 1818-81, U.S. ethnologist and anthropologist.
8. Thomas Hunt, 1866-1945, U.S. zoologist: Nobel prize for medicine 1933.
9. a male or female given name.

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Breed of light horse founded by a Vermont horse (foaled 1793, died 1821) named after his owner, Justin Morgan (1747–1797).

The "Justin Morgan horse," a blend of Thoroughbred, Arabian, and other elements, was a compact, heavily muscled, short-legged horse of great style, energy, and endurance. Because he alone founded the breed, he is the world's best example of prepotency (ability to pass one's traits to one's offspring). Modern Morgans are used mostly for riding. They are 14.1–15.2 hands (57–61 in., 145–155 cm) high, weigh 900–1,100 lbs (400–500 kg), and resemble the Arabian in conformation and endurance.
(as used in expressions)
Forster Edward Morgan
Morgan Daniel
Morgan Joe
Joseph Leonard Morgan
Morgan John
Morgan Julia
Morgan John Pierpont
Morgan John Pierpont Jr.
Morgan Lewis Henry
Morgan Sir Henry
Morgan Thomas Hunt

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▪ breed of horse
 breed of horse that was once the most famous and widely disseminated in the United States. The Morgan declined in popularity, and for a while breeding was supervised by the government. The breed was founded by a horse known as Justin Morgan, after his owner. Though the horse died in 1821, his individual stamp still persists. He stood approximately 14 hands (56 inches, or 142 cm) high and was a compact, active, and virile horse whose pedigree was probably a blend of Thoroughbred and Arabian, with some other elements as well. The modern Morgans average about 14.1 to 15.2 hands (57 to 61 inches, or 145 to 155 cm) in height and from 900 to 1,100 pounds (400 to 500 kg) in weight. They are stylish and attractive, with smooth lines, small ears, expressive eyes, and a nicely crested neck. They are all-purpose horses, though they lean toward the riding-horse type more than formerly. The American Morgan Horse Register was first published in 1894 by Colonel Battell of Middlebury, Vermont, who traced Justin Morgan's descendants and encouraged Morgan breeding. The Morgan Horse Club, later succeeded by the American Morgan Horse Association, was organized in 1909 and took over the Register.

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