monoplanist, n.
/mon"euh playn'/, n.
1. an airplane with one main sustaining surface or one set of wings.
2. Naut. a planing craft the bottom of which is in an unbroken fore-and-aft line.
[1905-10; MONO- + PLANE1]

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      type of aircraft with a single pair of wings. The monoplane design has been nearly universally adopted over multiplane configurations because airflow interference between adjacent wings reduces efficiency. The first monoplane was constructed by the Romanian inventor Trajan Vuia, who made a flight of 12 m (40 feet) on March 18, 1906. Louis Blériot (Blériot, Louis) of France built a monoplane in 1907 and flew it across the English Channel two years later. Monoplane design proved itself conclusively during World War II, and since then the craft has completely supplanted the biplane except for special purposes. Compare biplane.

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