monometrical /mon'euh me"tri keuhl/, monometric, adj.
/meuh nom"i teuhr/, n. Pros.
a line of verse of one measure or foot.
[1840-50; < LL: composed in one meter < Gk monómetros, equiv. to mono- MONO- + métr(on) METER2 + -os adj. suffix]

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      a rare form of verse in which each line consists of a single metrical unit (a foot or dipody). The best-known example of an entire poem in monometer is Robert Herrick (Herrick, Robert)'s “Upon His Departure Hence”:

Thus I
Passe by,
And die:
As One,
And gon:
I'm made
A shade,
And laid
I'th grave,
There have
My Cave.
Where tell
I dwell,

      Another example in light verse is Desmond Skirrow's “Ode on a Grecian Urn Summarized”:

Gods chase
Round vase.
What say?
What play?
Don't know
Nice, though.

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