/mungks"hood'/, n.
a plant belonging to the genus Aconitum, of the buttercup family, esp. A. napellus, the flowers of which have a large, hood-shaped sepal.
[1570-80; MONK + 's1 + HOOD1]

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also called  wolfsbane , or  aconite (genus Aconitum) 
 any of 100 or more species of showy, poisonous, perennial herbs of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). They occur in the North Temperate Zone, usually in partial shade and in rich soil. The roots are thick or tuberous and the leaves have fingerlike lobes. The hood-shaped flowers, borne mostly in spikelike clusters, are usually purple or blue, sometimes yellow or white. There are five sepals and two to five petals.

      A few species are cultivated in gardens, including A. henryi, A. carmichaelii, and A. uncinatum. All species contain the powerful poison aconitine. The common monkshood, or friar's cap (A. napellus), native to mountain slopes in Europe and east to the Himalayas, has been the most important source of this drug, which in ancient times was administered to criminals and has been used in minute amounts for reducing fever or treating neuralgia and for other medicinal purposes.

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