modulability /moj'euh leuh bil"i tee/, n.modulative, modulatory /moj"euh leuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj.
/moj"euh layt'/, v., modulated, modulating.
1. to regulate by or adjust to a certain measure or proportion; soften; tone down.
2. to alter or adapt (the voice) according to the circumstances, one's listener, etc.
3. Music.
a. to attune to a certain pitch or key.
b. to vary the volume of (tone).
4. Telecommunications. to cause the amplitude, frequency, phase, or intensity of (a carrier wave) to vary in accordance with a sound wave or other signal, the frequency of the signal wave usually being very much lower than that of the carrier.
5. Telecommunications.
a. to modulate a carrier wave.
b. CB Slang. to talk; visit: Enjoyed modulating with you.
6. Music. to pass from one key to another: to modulate abruptly from A to B flat.
[1550-60; < L modulatus (ptp. of modulari to regulate (sounds), set to music, play an instrument). See MODULE, -ATE1]
Syn. 2. temper, control.

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