/mee"wok/, n., pl. Miwoks, (esp. collectively) Miwok for 1.
1. a member of an American Indian people formerly living in several noncontiguous areas of California north of San Francisco Bay and eastward from the San Joaquin-Sacramento delta to the Sierras.
2. any of the Penutian languages spoken by the Miwok.

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      California Indians speaking languages of Penutian stock and originally comprising seven dialectally and territorially discrete branches: the Coast Miwok in an area just north of what is now San Francisco; the Lake Miwok in the Clear Lake Basin; the Bay Miwok (or Saclan), living along the delta of the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers; the Plains Miwok, living farther up the lower Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers; and, just eastward, three groups of Sierra Miwok—Northern, Central, and Southern—in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra branches constituted the greatest number of Miwok individuals and had more than 100 villages at the time of European contact.

      Traditionally, the groups near and on the coast—the Coast, Lake, and Bay Miwok—gathered acorns, fished, and hunted deer and other game with bow and arrow. They lived in semisubterranean pole- and earth-covered lodges and produced watertight basketry ornamented with beads or feathers. The interior Miwok—those of the Sierra and Plains—resided in the foothills and lowlands and generally moved into the high sierras only for summer hunting. Their main abodes were also semisubterranean earth-covered houses, while their mountain shelters were temporary lean-tos of bark over a sapling framework. Their chief food staple was acorns, which were stored in basketlike granaries. The interior Miwok also partook in the Kuksu cult, which included various rituals, costumed dances using animal skins, and impersonations of spirits.

      Traditional Miwok society was organized into contrasting halves, or moieties, each with several lineages. The moieties controlled both kinship and politics, regulating such matters as descent, marriage, and relations with other tribes. Each moiety had chiefs and subchiefs, positions that were open to both men and women.

      Miwok descendants numbered more than 5,700 in the early 21st century.

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