/mish"kawlts/, n.
a city in N Hungary. 199,000.

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City (pop., 2001: 184,125), northeastern Hungary.

It lies on the eastern margin of the Avas Hills. Caves in the limestone hills, inhabited from prehistoric times, now serve as cellars for the wine-making industry. Settled by Germanic tribes, Sarmatians and Avars, the town was conquered by the Hungarians in the 10th century. It was invaded by the Mongols in the 13th century. It became a free city in the 15th century. A major industrial centre, it produces iron and steel. Historic buildings include a 13th-century Gothic church.

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      city of county status and seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye (county), northeastern Hungary. It lies in the valley of the Szinva, a small tributary of the Sajó River, on the eastern margin of the Avas Hills, which form part of the Bükk limestone plateau. Caves in the limestone hills were inhabited from prehistoric times, and Germanic tribes, Sarmatians (Sarmatian), and Avars (Avar) later lived in the area. From the time of the Hungarian conquest in the 10th century, its history has been linked with a small iron field and with Diósgyőr, farther up the Szinva River valley, which in the 14th and 15th centuries was a regular retreat for royalty; its splendid castle is now largely in ruins. The long-established wealth and importance of Miskolc are apparent in some fine old buildings, including St. Stephen's, a 13th-century Gothic church, the National Theatre, the Protestant church, a Minorite church and monastery, and the Reformed Church of Avas and its belltower.

      Miskolc is the chief city of the Borsod-Miskolc industrial region. Industries include cement, glass, textiles, and food processing, and there is a large food refrigeration plant. Wine making is important, notably in the limestone caves of Mount Avas, which are used as cellars.

      The Miskolc municipal district extends for several miles up the Szinva valley to the boundary with Heves county. Newer residential districts in Miskolc are located on the Sajó River plain. The Talpoca district is renowned for the healing powers of its thermal springs, most notably the Cave Bath, which opened in 1959.

      The Borsod industrial district follows the Sajó River valley and includes several important settlements. Diósgyőr, which developed rapidly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, now part of Miskolc proper, has been modernized since World War II; it has a large iron- and steelworks, produces heavy machinery and machine tools, and has a large cement and lime works. Kazincbarcika, a new town comprising several villages, especially Kazinc and Barcika, has a heavy chemicals industry and also produces iron and steel. At Borsodnádasd are sheet metal and plating works. Miskolc has rail and road connections with Budapest, 90 mi (145 km) to the southwest, and with eastern Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. Pop. (2001) 184,125.

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