/muyn"swee'peuhr/, n. Navy.
a specially equipped ship used for dragging a body of water in order to remove or destroy enemy mines.
[1900-05; MINE2 + SWEEPER]

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Naval vessel used to clear submarine mines from an expanse of water.

In naval warfare, they are used to clear mines from sea-lanes to protect merchant shipping as well as to clear paths for warships to engage in battle or amphibious warfare. The earliest examples used sweeping wires with sawlike projections to cut the cables anchoring submarine mines and allow them to rise to the surface, where they would be destroyed by gunfire. The wide use of magnetic mines (set off by the magnetic field of steel ships) in the Korean War led to wood-hulled minesweepers.

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 naval vessel used to clear an area of mines (see mine). The earliest sweeping system, devised to clear anchored contact mines, consisted of two ships steaming across a minefield towing a wire rope between them; mine mooring lines were cut by sawlike projections on the sweep wire or by cutting jaws. When the released mine rose to the surface, it was destroyed by gunfire.

      In naval warfare, minesweepers have two primary tactical functions: to clear mines from sea lanes in order to protect the minesweeping nation's warships and merchant shipping; and to clear a path through minefields so that other warships can engage in battle or launch an amphibious landing (such as those in the Pacific theatre during World War II). Minesweepers can be just as vitally needed after a war has ended; hundreds of minesweepers were used to clear the tens of thousands of mines left floating in the world's sea lanes after the end of World War II.

      The wide use by Communist forces during the Korean War of magnetic mines (detonated by the magnetic field of steel ships) led to the development of wooden-hulled nonmagnetic sweepers to replace steel-hulled World War II types. These craft had plywood hulls, stainless-steel-alloy engines, and metal fittings of aluminum, brass, or magnesium. The typical ocean minesweeper is about 50 m (165 feet) long, has a displacement of 750 tons, and has a crew of about 60. Another addition to the U.S. minesweeping force was the minesweeping boat; this vessel was completely nonmagnetic, equipped to sweep contact, magnetic, or acoustic mines, and was operated by a crew of six enlisted men. Helicopter minesweepers were also developed; these aircraft hover safely over the sea while towing minesweeping gear that explodes magnetic or acoustic mines.

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