midrashic /mid rash"ik/, adj.
Seph. Heb. /mee drddahsh"/; Ashk. Heb. /mi"drddahsh/, n., pl. midrashim Seph. Heb. /mee drddah sheem"/; Ashk. Heb. /mi drddaw"shim/, midrashoth, midrashot, midrashos Seph. Heb. /mee drddah shawt"/; Ashk. Heb. /mi drddaw"shohs/.
1. an early Jewish interpretation of or commentary on a Biblical text, clarifying or expounding a point of law or developing or illustrating a moral principle.
2. (cap.) a collection of such interpretations or commentaries, esp. those written in the first ten centuries A.D.
[1605-15; < Heb midrash lit., exposition]

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In Judaism, a large collection of writings that examine the Hebrew Bible in the light of oral tradition.

Midrashic activity reached its height in the 2nd century AD with the schools of Ishmael ben Elisha and Akiba ben Joseph. The Midrashim are divided into two groups: Halakhah, which clarify legal issues; and Haggadah, nonlegal writings intended simply to enlighten. The Midrashim are extensively quoted in the Talmud.

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