/muy"kreuh fawrm'/, n.
any form, either film or paper, containing microreproductions.
[1955-60; MICRO- + FORM]

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also called  Microcopy, or Microrecord,  

      any process, photographic or electronic, for reproducing printed matter or other graphic material in a much-reduced size, which can then be re-enlarged by an optical apparatus for reading or reproduction. Microform systems provide durable, extremely compact, and easily accessible file records.

      The earliest large-scale commercial use of greatly reduced-size copying onto narrow rolls of film (microfilm) resulted from the introduction of the Recordak system by the Eastman Kodak Company in 1928. Continuous, automatic cameras photographed documents on 16-millimetre film, and the first use was for copying checks in bank transit or clearing work. But it soon spread to a great variety of other applications in business, government, and education; and 35-millimetre film was used as well as 16-millimetre.

      The science of microphotography burgeoned in the late 20th century, with scores of processes and a variety of miniaturizations being introduced. Generally speaking, a microform may be in the form of continuous media, such as roll or cartridge microfilm, or in that of individual and physically separate records, such as film chips (microfilm containing coded microimages, to be used in automatic retrieval systems) or microfiche (a sheet of microfilm displaying at the top a title or code readable with the naked eye). Use of the microform permits considerable space saving. The microform usually utilizes photographic techniques; however, other methods such as video magnetic tape recording have been used. Most microform techniques also permit the document file to be duplicated easily for dissemination or filing in different places.

      Automated equipment for unit records or continuous media is also available to handle microforms at high speeds. Such equipment typically stores the microform image with a corresponding address number in the machine file. Given a request for a copy, the equipment automatically selects the proper image from the file and prepares a copy, either a printed paper copy of the original or a microform copy, depending upon the equipment. Some automated microform systems also include the indexing information in machine-coded form with the image. This permits a mechanized index search to be made; in some cases it can result in rapid delivery of copies of those records selected in response to the index query.

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